After Dark

Join us for the 2023 edition of After Dark at the Justice & Police Museum.

Guest speakers, artists, performers and filmmakers will delve into diverse subjects that shape our past, present and future. This thought-provoking, adults-only experience will explore contemporary themes and bring to light historical cases, characters and issues. The program will feature talks, performances, interactive experiences, an onsite bar and after-hours access to the museum.

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Past event

After Dark: Belonging

Join us for a thought-provoking discussion and interactive performances as speakers and artists explore what it means to belong in a multicultural society such as Australia

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Past event

After Dark: Boycott

Listen to our panel of experts as they delve into the concepts of cancel culture, censorship and freedom of expression

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Past event

After Dark: Dis(order)

Join us for this year’s final After Dark, an evening of live music, discussion and dis(order) as we delve into Sydney’s nightlife and cultural history