How to use the Museum Collections

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Where to find the collections 

The collections in our historic houses are mostly on display at these places. The collections in our museums are either part of our existing exhibits or in storage.

It's possible to view objects in storage, but you need to arrange this in advance. Depending on the object/s and the storage location, it may take up to six weeks to organise a viewing.

For any inquiries, please email us at

Searching the collections 

You can view items that have been digitised using our online collection search. As yet, not everything in the Museum Collections is fully digitised, but we are making steady progress. 

You can access more item records using our objects and library catalogues – there are items from our Museum Collections in both these catalogues:

Objects catalogue

Search here for collection objects such as furniture and furnishings, dinner and kitchenware, clothing and ornaments from our historic houses and museums.

Library catalogue

Search here for printed books, sample books, periodicals, pictures, manuscripts, personal papers and other documentary materials.

Outward loans for exhibitions

We welcome requests from other museums and cultural institutions to borrow items from our Museum Collections for display in exhibitions.

Requests to borrow items must be received with 6 months’ notice to allow time for scheduling and preparing the loan. Loan requests received outside this notice period will be considered and approved on a case-by-case basis.

To discuss or submit a loan request please contact:

Director, Collections

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Ellen Marshall’s kitchen dresser

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