Making Connections accessible program

About the program

Making Connections is a new onsite program at the Hyde Park Barracks for primary and secondary school students with moderate to high, or complex access requirements. Developed in consultation and collaboration with experts, teachers and students, Making Connections provides these students the opportunity to experience the collections and stories of the Hyde Park Barracks. The program is only available to groups from Schools for Specific Purposes, Specialist Support Units and Independent Special Assistance Schools. 

Eligible groups may choose a convict or migrant women themed program, each with customisable activities to meet the requirements of students.

Through Making Connections programs, students: 

  • Engage in the stories of the Barracks using museum spaces, objects, and hands-on activities
  • Experience agency, engagement and achievement in an inclusive cultural setting
  • Express their curiosity about the past and develop their interest in history
  • Develop confidence to express themselves through shared activities.

Students take part in an introductory virtual excursion one week prior to their onsite visit, to familiarise students with the museum and the staff that will deliver their program.

Museums of History NSW would like to thank Arranounbai School, Macquarie University Special Education Centre and Dulwich High School Special Education Faculty, who collaborated with us on the development of this program.

To help us provide a program that best suits the requirements of your students, please complete the following booking form with details of your class and preferred activities. A member of the Learning team will contact the lead teacher to discuss details of your program.

An introductory virtual excursion will be held in the week prior to visiting – 30 minutes online, via Zoom or Teams.

The activities you suggested covered all the bases and all the different learning styles. It was fabulous to see! Each activity ticked all the boxes in terms of engagement and inclusiveness.

Teacher , Arranounbai School

Queens Square, Macquarie Street Sydney NSW 2000. Phone +61 2 8239 2311

Hyde Park Barracks

Queens Square, Macquarie Street Sydney NSW 2000. Phone +61 2 8239 2311
  • Wheelchair accessible
Cost (GST free)

Up to 90 minutes, including breaks. Timing and structure can be modified to accommodate the requirements of your students

Session offered

Please request your preferred session date

Maximum students

Up to 15 students per session, plus teachers and carers. Additional students considered upon request