Renewed splendour for the Wentworth Mausoleum

Published on Monday 31 July 2023

The conservation works to the perimeter fence of the historic Wentworth Mausoleum have been successfully completed, marking a significant milestone in preserving this important State Heritage site.

Throughout the project, we were fortunate to witness the dedication exhibited by our experienced consultants and MHNSW Staff, along with the exceptional craftsmanship of the contractors involved. The restoration efforts focused on reestablishing the magnificent stone wall and the intricate cast iron fence, carefully retaining a substantial amount of original materials.

We are delighted that the Wentworth Mausoleum, now adorned in its renewed splendour, can be admired once again.

Photo of the Wentworth mausoleum with tabled light coming through the trees

Wentworth Mausoleum perimeter fence conservation

MHNSW is undertaking the first comprehensive conservation works to the fence surrounding the 1870s resting place of William Charles Wentworth

View of Vaucluse House and pleasure garden

Vaucluse House

Harbourside retreat

Birrabirragal Country

Vaucluse House

Maria Elena Ruggeri

Maria Elena Ruggeri

Senior Heritage Project Officer

Maria Elena is the Senior Heritage Project Officer, Capital Works at MHNSW. While studying, Maria Elena developed a great interest in the history and evolution of architecture, as well as the complexity of caring for built heritage: ‘Conservation became my focus. As a young professional I worked in the Instituto del Patrimonio Cultural, a government institution that promotes, guides and fosters cultural heritage in Venezuela. I worked as an assistant architect on the adaptive re-use of an 18th-century villa to become the institution’s headquarters. I’m an advocate for the re-use of heritage architecture when it prolongs a building’s life’.