Access subsidies: learning transportation subsidies for disadvantaged schools

MHNSW supports access for selected students to attend our learning programs through the Learning Subsidy. This provides subsidised transportation for students from disadvantaged NSW Government schools who attend curriculum-linked programs, or free programs for students with specific access requirements from Schools for Special Purposes, Specialist Support Units and Independent Special Assistance Schools attending the Making Connections program.

Eligible groups include all NSW Government primary and secondary schools receiving the Resource Allocation Model (RAM) funding with a Family Occupation and Education Index (FOEI) of 100+. MHNSW follows the RAM model of funding as it was developed to ensure a fair, efficient and transparent allocation of the state public education budget for every school.

With your support, MHNSW will subsidise the school’s transportation costs up to a maximum of $20 per student attending a curriculum -linked program at an MHNSW property. Your support of this program ensures that all students, no matter their socioeconomic status or geographic location, can engage with history at our sites.

Ways to donate

Please consider making a tax-deductible gift, as every dollar raised, regardless of size, will help to ensure the history of NSW is discoverable and accessible for current and future generations.

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Acknowledgement of support

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Supporting children to discover history

Students dressed as convicts in Making Connections Program.

Making Connections: a new program for students with access requirements

Making Connections is a new onsite program at the Hyde Park Barracks for primary and secondary school students with moderate to high, or complex access requirements

Students sitting around the Yarning Circle sharing stories as part of the Garuwanga Gurad (Stories that belong to Country) program at the Museum of Sydney

First Nations perspectives: integration across all learning programs

For nearly a decade we have been delivering programs exploring contact history that have been co-developed with First Nations knowledge holders

HPBM Curator Dr Fiona Starr presentation ‘Building a narrative from objects’

Supporting teachers: development of onsite and virtual workshops

Sharing our pedagogies, skills and knowledge with teachers equips them with the tools to teach Australian history in a robust and engaging manner

Carlin de Montfort, curator, holds up a convict shirt to the camera during a virtual excursion. He is standing behind a table of historical objects in the Meet the Convicts room on the top floor of the Hyde Park Barracks.

Virtual learning events: engaging students across NSW

We are leaders in creating large-scale virtual events that enable students across NSW and beyond to engage with history in a meaningful and memorable way

A Curriculum Program Deliverer showing students Leg irons in the Learning Space at Hyde Park Barracks

Annual Giving: engaging with history

This financial year, our Annual Giving program gives you the opportunity to enrich the lives of children across NSW and beyond through the power of education