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19th Century Aboriginal population records

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are respectfully advised that our collection may contain images or names of deceased people in photographs or text. We acknowledge that language in the records referring to Aboriginal people may be confronting and in some instances would be considered offensive if used today.

Aboriginal blanket returns

Introduction to lists of Aboriginal people who received blankets from the colonial authorities in the 1800s

Aboriginal People in the Register of Aboriginal Reserves 1875-1904

This index includes the names of approximately 80 Aboriginal people. It is not a complete list of Aboriginal people living on reserves in NSW in the period of 1875-1904

Aboriginal resources: a guide to NSW State archives

A listing and description of records in our collection which relate to Aboriginal people

Aboriginal Resources: administrative history

An administrative history of contact between the Government of New South Wales and Aboriginal people

Aboriginal resources: an overview of records

A brief overview of the State archives that document the NSW government's interaction with Aboriginal people from 1788 until today

Aboriginal resources: chronology of significant events

This chronology gives an overview of significant events which have happened in Australia from 1788 to 1998, concentrating on the relations between Aboriginal people and the post-1788 immigrants. Some other events are shown in order to give an historical context. Some of these events generated many records whereas other records are the result of legislative changes. Please note that all institutions and legislation are from New South Wales, unless otherwise noted

Aboriginal trackers & gaol photos

This webinar highlights records that Aboriginal people can access to discover more about their own family history on the colonial frontier

Indigenous colonial court cases 1788-1838

There are approximately 250 entries in the index. Museums of History NSW is unaware if this database is a complete record of Aboriginal people and the law held as NSW State archives in the period 1788-1838.