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Copies of records are uploaded to our catalogue
Please note that digital copies of records ordered through our copy service are uploaded to our catalogue for general use.

Copy Service FAQs

Fees and charges


Special categories

This is for specific records where you have a specific reference. Most categories can also be ordered via the catalogue.

Copy formats

Supplied in-house

We can provide on site copying for the following formats


  • Photocopies of loose A4, A3 and foolscap items
  • Photocopies of bound and larger than A3 material

Copies of microform material

  • Black and white prints (A4 and A3) from 35 mm microfilm or other format microforms (for example microfiche and aperture cards)
  • Self service digital copies from microforms downloaded to USB memory stick

Self service digital camera

  • Digital copies of original material maximum size 540x340mm downloaded to USB memory stick

Digitisation: TIFF/JPEG files supplied via digital download or via CD:

  • Loose documents and photographs
  • Maps and plans
  • Thin, loosely bound volumes
  • Glass negatives
  • You may request other specifications - we will inform you if we cannot meet your specifications.

External service providers

When specialised copying cannot be completed on site an external service provider may be used.

Our Guarantees

In the Reading Room

Via the Online Copy Service


  • For security reasons some records are not permitted to leave our custody for off site copying
  • We may not permit records to be copied if this is likely to result in their damage
  • There is no differentiation in fees charged on the basis of the type of researcher, for example, professional historians or private individuals
  • There is no discount for large amounts of copying
  • Requests for copies received by mail must include citation details that identify the individual record(s) to be copied
  • Digital copies of records that are open to public access and ordered through our copy service are uploaded to our catalogue for general use.

Remember a poor quality original will produce a poor quality copy

*Working days are Mondays - Fridays, excluding public holidays.

Order Online

You can order copies from State Archives catalogue wherever you see the shopping cart.

If you can't find your item in the catalogue but you have a specific reference place your order via our Printable order forms (see below).

Use the Printable order forms below:
- for records that are not listed in the catalogue or an online index but you have a specific reference
- if you prefer to submit your request by mail.