Archives behind the scenes - divorce case papers

In this episode of Archives Behind the Scenes Bonnie talks about the divorce case papers and what you might find in the records.

These are our main series of records relating to divorce in NSW and cover the period 1873 up to about 1976 (with a few gaps around the 1960s and 1970s). We hold about 188,000 files, that’s about 10,000 boxes of these records. See what you might find in a file.

You can purchase digital copies of these files straight from Collection Search. Find an entry in the index and select Digital copy during the purchase process.

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Page from the Divorce file of Stanley Grenfell Lloyd and Alice Kathleen Lloyd

Divorce records index 1873-1923

Search 21,000+ entries - divorce files can include petitions for the dissolution of marriage, petitions for maintenance, marriage certificates, decrees nisi and decrees absolute

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Divorce resources

Page from the Divorce file of William George Dunbar and Marie Dunbar

Divorce records guide

Divorce files contain evidence for each divorce case including Judicial Separations. They can include petitions for the dissolution of marriage, affidavits, petitions for maintenance, marriage certificates, and sometimes the decree nisi and decree absolute.

Photograph from Divorce papers Irene Elizabeth Hoskins - William Hoskins

Divorce records in NSW

This webinar provides tips and techniques for researching divorce case papers in our collection

Divorce records: what the files can tell you

Divorce files can be a detailed source of information for family history, providing extra details that may not have been discussed or known within the family

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