Elizabeth Farm

Elizabeth Farm house - front verandah and carriageway

'A most excellent brick house' Elizabeth Farm

Curator Dr Scott Hill explores some of the enduring mysteries buried in the architecture of Australia’s oldest surviving homestead

Portrait of John Macarthur
On This Day

12 Feb 1793 - John Macarthur granted land at Parramatta

On 12 February 1793 John Macarthur was granted 100 acres of land at Parramatta by Acting Governor Francis Grose. Macarthur was the first man to clear and cultivate 50 acres

The dining room at Elizabeth Farm lit by candles.
10 August, 6pm

A Winter's Night at Elizabeth Farm

Join us on a unique, informative, behind-the-scenes insight into life in the Macarthur home, at night-time

10 August, 6:00PM - 10 August, 8:00PM
Hand painted, resin cast reproduction of early 19th century wooden toy Indian antelope, 1984

A spotted deer from India

This enigmatic animal is a resin-cast replica of an early 19th century wooden (cedar) carved and painted toy that belonged to John & Elizabeth Macarthur's children at Elizabeth Farm or, perhaps, to their grandchild at Camden Park

Matching wool colours using a late 19th-century pattern and unfinished Berlin wool work sample from the Caroline Simpson Library and Research Collection

A stitch in time

Tatting, knotting, knitting, pin-tucking, crocheting, pinking, stitching, stuffing, embroidering … needles fly at Elizabeth Bay House

Watercolour of trellised verandah and house from garden.

A taste for the ornate

Traces of long-lost decorative features at Elizabeth Farm provide insights into changing fashions in 19th‑century architecture and design

Joseph Lycett, 'The residence of John McArthur Esq. near Parramatta, New South Wales'. Aquatint. Published London, John Souter, 1825. Elizabeth Farm collection, Museums of History New South Wales.
Museum stories

A turbulent past

With its deep, shady verandahs and elegant symmetry, Elizabeth Farm is an iconic early colonial bungalow

View of lowslung colonial era house across gravel and lawn, house framed by trees.
Museum stories

Abundance & curiosity at Elizabeth Farm

One of the great pleasures of visiting Elizabeth Farm is strolling from the drawing room onto the winding paths of the pleasure garden, just as the original occupants, the Macarthur family, did two centuries ago

Elizabeth Farm school holidays shoot
8 & 15 July, 10.30am

All in a day’s work at Elizabeth Farm

Join us for a hands-on workshop where kids will discover what life was like at Elizabeth Farm 200 years ago

09 July, 9:30AM - 15 July, 11:00AM