Convict Sydney

1801 - Day in the life of a convict

In the young colony, there was no prisoner’s barrack - the bush and sea were the walls of the convicts’ prison

Convict Sydney

1820 - Day in the life of a convict

By 1820 the days of relative freedom for convicts in Sydney were over

Convict Sydney

1844 - Day in the life of a convict

Fraying at the edges, these were the Barracks’ darkest days with only the worst convicts remaining

Woman in vdieo with overlay of activity sheet.

Activity: draw a convict from an indent

Watch this short video and learn how to use an original Convict Indent listing to draw a real convict

Kneeling man farewelling seated woman.

Activity: make your own convict love token

Learn about convict love tokens and some of the convicts at the Hyde Parks Barracks

Photograph of a wooden model depicting a First Fleet ship


Length: 34.75 metres (114 feet); width: 9.5 metres (31 feet); weight: 460 tonnes (452 tons)

Portrait of man in uniform with black hat, standing on beach with ship and small boat in background.

Ambition and adventure: the early life of Arthur Phillip

We looked back at the early life of Phillip, who had enjoyed an extraordinary career before he even set foot on a boat bound for Botany Bay.

Photograph of a wooden model depicting a First Fleet ship.
First Fleet Ships


Length: 22.7 metres (75 feet); width 6.7 metres (22 feet); weight: 276 tonnes (272 tons)