Mid-century modern

Exterior view of Rose Seidler House, showing side access ramp

Gardens, Grounds & House

A spectacular setting for an outdoor cocktail party or special event, with a bold modernist house backdrop

Rose Seidler House, 1950: View from north-west

Mid-century modern

Rose Seidler House, built by Harry Seidler between 1948 and 1950 is regarded as an iconic example of Modernist domestic architecture in Australia

Garden study, Harrington Park
Documenting NSW Homes

Recorded for the future: documenting NSW homes

The Caroline Simpson Library has photographically recorded homes since 1989

This is a colour photograph of a white carpeted room with large windows running the full length of one wall. An 8 person dining setting is at the back of the room and colourful lounge chairs are at the front.

The Walsh Street House

The Walsh Street House epitomises daring and modernist 1950s architecture