The great outdoors

B/W photo showing a beach-lined bay with rocks and some kind of makeshift swimming enclosure at the water's edge.

A pond in a privately owned paddock

Today, Sydneysiders would find it incredible that a century ago many of the harbourside beaches and parks to which they flock in summer were privately owned and not accessible to the public

Screenshot from the film Burrinjuck Dam

Burrinjuck Dam - A tourist's playground

A promotional film produced c.1950s/1960s by the Electricity Commission of New South Wales

Holiday travel & tours in NSW

The object of publishing this Holiday Tour Booklet is to place in the hands of the visitor… information that will be of practical assistance in the selection of a suitable holiday resort…

Jean Robertson and Kathleen Howell

In the 1920s, female motorists were a rarity, but this didn’t stop friends Jean and Kathleen from setting off on four-wheeled adventures across Australia and the world