The Mint

Large 2 storey building with deep verandahs, steps leading to lower verandah and bushes and driveway in the foreground.

A rum deal

When Lachlan Macquarie began his term as governor of NSW in 1810, Sydney was in desperate need of a new hospital

A group portrait of 6 women standing in front of a stone wall with shrubs growing over it. The women have linked arms and are all smiling at the camera.

After the Royal Mint

Between 1926 and 1997 almost 20 different government departments and law courts came and went from the Mint buildings

Southern view of the Mint forecourt and the Macquarie Balcony
Throughout March, 5pm-8pm

Friday Nights at The Mint

The Mint throws open its doors on Friday evenings for this special after-hours series in March

Cropped version of photo portrait of bearded man, mounted on card.

Moonlite at the Sydney Mint

If you’ve ever visited The Mint on Sydney’s Macquarie Street, chances are you have walked in the footsteps of an infamous Australian bushranger, ‘Captain Moonlite’

Elevated grassy area with tree in front of sandstone buildings.
22 April, 10am-4pm

Open Day: The Mint

Explore the treasures of Museums of History NSW at our upcoming open day at The Mint