Detail of Hyde Park Barracks clock mechanism made by B L Vulliamy.

Charles Phillips, keeper of government clocks

Research into the story of a convict uniquely qualified to care for the important Hyde Park Barracks clock continues to yield intriguing insights – and raise more questions

Series of brass cogs and wheels.

Conserving Australia’s oldest public clock

On its 200th anniversary, Australia’s oldest surviving public clock received some much-needed conservation and care

Clint sundial (side view)

Raphael Clint sundial

A bronze sundial (without base) engraved by Raphael Clint in Sydney, c1840

Sydney Observatory guide

A large number of the Observatory’s records, along with records relating to an earlier observatory based in Parramatta, are held in our Collection and provide an intriguing resource for the history of science in Australia.

The Hyde Park Barracks clock

In this video, former curator Gary Crockett discusses the history of the Hyde Park Barracks clock.

Washed away: the story of Meroogal's clock

In the hallway at Meroogal is a grandfather clock with the most wonderful and eventful history